Maj Britt Jensen

/  01 CIRCULO 10, 2011


The starting point for this video is an image I found in a book from the seventies about movement classes for boys and girls. In it, a girl holding a hoop in front of her is shown. I like her attitude. Moreover, a small note below the image says: I see through my window.


In my action, the hoop also functions as a screen. An additional screen, through which two uneven zones within the image, inside and outside the hoop, are outlined and activated. But whereas that screen which is there by itself, though invisible, as it covers the whole rectangular surface space of the framing, this other circular screen frames regions of my body, which we can see crouched down in front of the camera, and isolates those regions from the wild setting.

Thus, the gaze can observe each one of the slow and concentrated movements that my arms perform while passing all over my body and circling it with the hoop, but it is also able to notice that the two zones in the image are also distinguished by their color and contrast, turning the lower part of the hoop into some sort of entrance (to the body?) or cavity (of the image?).


When the hoop surrounds the volume of my body, or when it is deformed because I squeeze it whith my hands, for a moment it seems as if, rather than playing with the hoop, I am playing with percepcion, modelling it. Could it be that I am corporally activating the screen?

Under the shade of a tree

Casa Wabi Foundation