Maj Britt Jensen


Maj Britt Jensen  /  Containers and their contents - space for cages, boxes, coffins and heads -, 2013


- space for cages, boxes, coffins and heads -


Head, M: I  in tro duce  my self...


Voice, M: I present a space! A space for action. The head! [The left arm raises and the left hand points at the head, while the right foot goes a step back].


Head, M: A cage...


Voice, M: The drawing is a landscape that springs from the head, from all the body. [ ... ] I’m being honest...


Head, M: A.G. was as well when he said: "I can’t do what I see".


Voice, M: Things have changed.


Head, M: Not enough so.


Voice, M: A.G. understood his male models, beyond portraits, rather like heads.


Head, M: Things have changed.


Voice, M: It’s been said once that A.G. painted the human being with the void that surrounds it.


Head, M: They forgot to mention the void that it is made of. [ ... ] Though it makes it more difficult, it’s also me who enables this volume to dwell in my space.


Voice, M: We must assimilate this certainty. [ ... ] Between breathings, a suspension emerges, a silence, for an instance we do not breathe, in this space of finite duration and infinite dimensions, we can become aware of our own limits.


Head, M:  But, do you believe that the drawing is mute in itself?


Under the shade of a tree

Casa Wabi Foundation