Maj Britt Jensen

/  Close up (under the skin) Part I, 2009


Camera: Rafael Ortega / Post-production: Alfonso Cornejo

Almost silence. What we would hear is the camera machinery. Usual while reproducing. That would be all. This video is silent. Its medium is not. We would see it inside a camera. Within a camera – (in) – relative darkness. Bodily shapes within a frame that looks like the interior of a device. We see an interior in an interior! That is not the end: In its interior, bodily situations that create orifices. Close to the lens, close to us, even more because we would be squeezing the eye against the viewfinder, making the effort of seeing even more than what we see. The image at the center is small. It illuminates. Barely there is any movement, but those are light movements in fact. When the body rectifies. When the image changes. There is a reflection for submerging. How can we give ourselves without losing ourselves? Which way should we get in? Options. Try to recognize the parts of the body. To behold the part through which the light unfolds. To stare at the parts of the frame.

Or to ask oneself, why is so much space of the framing unattended? In order to discover what?

Under the shade of a tree

Casa Wabi Foundation