Maj Britt Jensen


Maj Britt Jensen / TEAM BACK, 2012

Two-camera recording: 1 Close circuit / 2 Camera in hand: Andrés Villalobos / Photographic documentation: Jonathan Miralda / Advice: Tania Solomonoff

Maj Britt Jensen’s work generates different possibilities for exploring the concept of “I”, in multiple levels of aesthetic relationship. The continuous observation of her self, as a metaphor of human vulnerability, works as the methodology in her practice. The artist uses different media to record her observation, giving as a result visual essays that range from graphic exercises to audiovisual production of specific in-situ installations, as in the case of the Team Back project for the Museo Experimental el Eco.


Team Back is a project of architectural intervention understood as a performance situation, which is presented within the frame of activities related with the Pabellón Eco 2012.


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Under the shade of a tree

Casa Wabi Foundation