Maj Britt Jensen

/  Zoom out (skirt/cube), 2009


Audio: Jonathan Miralda

A color plane – cut – Still shot. Zenithal. We see an inner patio. In the center, there is a woman standing, within, surrounded by white fabric. A white skirt. Spread over the edges of a container. A first limit is drawn. She straightens – cut – extends, pulls – cut – hangs – cut – stretches – cut – unfolds the skirt. She winds it repeatedly around her waist. She stirs it, amasses – cut – shaking and shuddering – cut – she quakes it. – Cut – the skirt soaked, hanging from, dripping. The dark stain of dampness on the floor. – Cut – She, kneeling down on what now can be distinguished as plastic cube. Progressive movements. Her body rubs the surfaces of the cube, the diverse limits. – Cut – Sitting. The skirt breathes. – Cut – Once again: speed. Immerse. Covered. Wrapped in it.

We never see with accuracy, access is denied, we are always kept at the same uncomfortable distance. What does seeing from afar implies? Does it account to feeling distant? Isolated? It compels to discover yearnings for proximity. For contact?

Under the shade of a tree

Casa Wabi Foundation