Maj Britt Jensen

/  Home is where my heart is, 2007-2008


Collaboration and camera: Jonathan Miralda

You and I. What you do with a hammer, a plant, an extension, a carpet, a napkin, and what I do with the same objects. Our actions are observed and recorded by the other, by whom in that moment the interaction (with the object) is not being carried out, but being active by framing and shooting the camera, by motivating with his/her glance. This is a triangular dialogue thinking about the encounter of the body with the object in space, but this dialogue diverges, as it involves two subjects. Our triangular dialogues do not only oppose each other, but they allow the knowledge of yet another level of dialogue: the one that takes place between the two of us. Each one of our actions is a statement that, though it might remain trapped in its own behavior, summons the other’s response and is simultaneously a capsule of a fragment of the domestic space from which they emerged. The polyptych reconstructs, re-lives such home in the fashion of a plane, and at the same time, refers to a vital and uncertain space: the space of the action.

Under the shade of a tree

Casa Wabi Foundation