Maj Britt Jensen

/  Share, 2007


Camera: Arne Strackholder and Marie-Christine Camus / Assembly and installation: Emilio Lameiras, Marco Polo Rosales, JD Cruz and Silvia Keppler



The starting point for the production of this video is the word ‘share’, its lexical definition, but also my desire to build through my work a space for reciprocity. Looking up the word “share” in the dictionary I found that, in order to explain its meaning, they use the word “participate”. Looking up the word “participate”, I found that in order to explain its meaning, they use the word “communicate”. This scheme of search relates three concepts, which for me are essential for thinking the production and reception of art. I use this finding as a motif for setting up a game and for linking educational materials that refer to preschool and elementary education (salt mass, primary colors, diagrams, etc.).

Camera: Marie-Christine Camus / Assembly and installation: Rita Ponce de León and Jonathan Miralda



Let us understand this video from its literality: it is about a word game based in its title. The word SHARE is in that woman’s t-shirt, the woman who appears in the framing, proving, perhaps, her disposition. At the same time, it is located at the center of the screen, floating there, nobody knows how… Dividing the inner space, isolated behind the screen, from the outer, real space. Until… that woman approaches to withdraw something… a transparent plane that proves that there was something in the middle, something in between, something probably hindering, making impossible the communication from the inside outwards and vice versa. The game of withdrawing promotes or opens the space for interchange, but the possibility for interchange is deceitful… The question is: Can we share once the transparent surface that separated us does not exist? Where did the woman who was trying to share go? Do I really need to share? Share what?

Under the shade of a tree

Casa Wabi Foundation