Maj Britt Jensen

/  Close up (under the skin) Part II, 2009


Camera: Andrés Villalobos

We are led by slow steps. That is not the only thing we hear; we also hear breathing, the placing of the device that makes us see, the sound of some button or crank. There is someone [body] there, present, its journey leads us through the darkness. Metallic glows. There is very little light. Followed by a moment of utter darkness. Now, against the light we barely recognize what the camera in the hands of someone [body] sees: an ensemble of two cameras [body?].

Once again, utter darkness. Once again, the ensemble [body?]. In front of it, on the table – meanwhile – someone’s [body] feet. Is it perceived what the one that surrounds this event perceives? Do we decode evenly at this distance? Would we decode evenly being present? Desire to approach? Until reaching the viewfinder [circle].

And we discover that what we see is what we already saw: circle, rectangle, circle, body, ovals, circle. What we had already seen before getting here to see this: rectangle. What the camera shows which in the exhibition space is set before this projection: bodily situations that create orifices within the visible interior of a camera. Let us rewind the cassette. How does it feel?

Under the shade of a tree

Casa Wabi Foundation