Maj Britt Jensen


Maj Britt Jensen  /  Testing #2 – Swimming between two waters: a woman among men, 2013

Springing from Alberto Giacometti’s cages, both the ones in his studio as well as those from his analysis, I trace the route of research, both intuitive and winding:


-       Giacometti’s cages.


-       The discovery of Francis Bacon’s probable fascination towards them.


-       The brief diving into Egyptian art, which obsessed both of them so much.


-       The discovery of Edvard Munch’s painting ”The Dead Mother“.


-       Their correspondence with the head-feet or tadpoles from infantile pre-schematic stage.


The distiller coming out from this research are the two videos that I put together within the frame of Probando (Testing), under the title: Swimming between two waters: a woman among men.


These two videos reflect upon the space the cages display, whilst shifting the questions that such space triggers towards the video. Rendering the speculations of such actions to be centered in the framing, in the space for representation, in verticality and horizontality, in the fixed image and the moving image, in the gesture, in the fragmented body, in the place occupied by the body extensions, in the independence of thoughts regarding the acts and of sound regarding image, in the containers and the shots, in the dwelling inside of a volume and assimilating a certainty.


It was once said that Giacometti painted human being with the void that surrounds it. They forgot to mention as well the void that comprises it.


Head-footer, 2013 ( 56 sec. from the 06 min., 37 sec. duration )

Sound and sound post-production: Adrián Zárate and Jonathan Miralda


What do we do, if, 2013 ( 02 min., 23 sec. from the 12 min., 15 sec. duration )

Voices: Jonathan Miralda and Maj Britt Jensen / Sound and sound post-production: Adrián Zárate and Jonathan Miralda


Under the shade of a tree

Casa Wabi Foundation