Maj Britt Jensen

/  Zoom in (montage), 2009


From left to right. From one corner to the other. It slides. Whistle. Out of focus. Focus. Corner.

Creak. Screech. It stops. Once again. Whistle. Focus. Out of focus. Creak. From corner to corner until the four of them are touched. From the fourth corner, upwards. There, tiny particles. From the upper corner, downwards. Cuts from the upper section: white background. Compels the seam to show its interior. It withdraws. It gets close. Goes up and down. The crease. Cuts from the central section: background, half white half orange. Goes up and down. Withdraws. Pushes. Slips. Goes down. Goes down again. Cuts from the lower section: orange background. Corner. Creak. It stops and it is torn off. Screeches. Goes out of focus. From left to right but upside-down. It slides. Once again.

How? Who? What? Where? When? How much? Why? For whom? What for? ‘Why’ is, among all interrogative pronouns, my favorite one; it often opens up and extends the space for dialogue. However, there are cases, in which such question (depending also on the tone) instead of displaying, lays aside. That would be the case here. Moreover, I stand apart from asking myself for whom it is meant, and what for.

Under the shade of a tree

Casa Wabi Foundation