Maj Britt Jensen


Wanda Dubrau y Maj Britt Jensen /  ANTENNA, 2011

Production: Celia Iturriaga / Camera: Andrés Villalobos / Audio: Jonathan Miralda / Photographic documentation: Jonathan Miralda and Sebastián Rico

"Aiming our Antennas to the firmament, we fish sounds from those we do not know about”.

The staging of a radio station.

At the auditorium of the Un paseo por los libros’s passageway, underground, between the Pino Suárez and Zócalo subway stations, in Mexico City.

For a week, we turned an accessible space into a public space / October 03 to 08, 2011


Daily activities //

Newsflash, Radios, Painted sheets, Ola Naranja Program, Bullhorns, Special guests’ program, Walkie- Talkies, Garbage Talking, Reportages.


One-day only activities //

Reading, Political promises karaoke, Open Mic, Music Session.

Special guests: Imanuel Miralda, Diego Ibáñez, Rafael Couto, Cecilia Sotres, Rodrigo Frenk, Gabrielle Rapp, Loreto Alonso, Calixto Ramírez,  Elia from Fuentes Rojas collective, Ellis de León, Margarita López, the fourth, fifth and sixth grade’s boys and girls from Liceo Hirondelle, the Ola Naranja.

These capsules were recorded with the fourth, fifth and sixth grade’s boys and girls from Liceo Hirondelle, Mexico City, in order to be aired through the close circuit audio of Mexico City’s subway stations throughout the week in which the Antenna project was carried out. The children responded to questions such as: what is freedom? What would be a good reason for demonstrating?, and so on.

Under the shade of a tree

Casa Wabi Foundation